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Our mission at Blue Moon is to foster curiosity and spread scientific awareness. To do this, we bi-annually produce Andover’s only STEM-based magazine. Now, anyone passionate about the sciences have an opportunity to practice the final, possibly most important, step of the scientific method: the sharing of results. All articles are written by students, for students. Enough talk about us, though— start exploring!


One Test Forward

Finding Diagnostic Tools for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Solby Lim • Apr 04, 2017

The Implications of Detecting and Diagnosing Fr...

The author presents an evaluation of the ethics for creating policy around genetic premutation detection. She compares the benefits and consequence...

Grace Ann Limoncelli • Apr 04, 2017

A Comparison of Procedures for the Removal of E...

In this paper, I describe in detail the causes and nature of epidermoid inclusion cysts, and describe why a cyst may be removed. I then compare the...

Daniel Ulanovsky • Apr 04, 2017

Pervasiveness of Prostate Cancer in Afro-Americ...

This paper examines the increasing prostate cancer incidence amongst African-American males and addresses the many factors that play a role in this...

Daniel James • Apr 04, 2017

THC: a Promising Treatment for Acute Leukemia

Despite its harmful physiological and psychological effects, THC has been proven to be a promising treatment for acute leukemia. This antitumor ef...

Yujia Wang • Apr 02, 2017



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